april 2010


This cubie has been around the web for a few years. It is the favorite of certain spore peddlers. The original is called "Herbens B+ strain". From what I have seen, B means big and the + means very (very big).

Also, this shroom is the most hyped cubensis in history. There are many youthfull pop mycologists around the internet that are still debating about this shroom being some kind of Psilocybe Azurescens cubensis "HYBRID". And there have been various spore sellers that advertise it as that. But of course, it is just a cubensis. The shroom in the photo is growing on a 1/2 pint PF cake. The cultivation procedure was identical to the others. Temperature ranges are the same and it likes to be birthed and cased. Invitro primordiation seems fairly nil.

In comparing this one to the others, its size can be determined by using the cakes as a reference (all 1/2 pint size). Its veil becomes a persistant anulus, attached to the stem "turtle neck sweater" style. It has a fibrous slender long stem, and large cap that doesn't seem to go to full plane and never upturns. It seems to clearly to be the champ at long stems and specimen height. It is not tenasciously attached to the substrate, so it has a tendancy when grown PF style, to grow tall and fall over (tip the cake or just break off from the substrate when in the wrong position). It is the tallest growing cubensis around, and it has many fans. But just because it is the biggest, doesn't mean it is the best. It had a fierce reputation as being the most potent, but after time has passed and this shroom got around, it turns out to be no better than any other Cubensis in potency. And since this too is a fast maturing shroom, it must be picked presporulation for max potency. It should be picked in its advanced primordia stage, with the veil still unbroken.

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