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Latest news: Robert ' Billy' McPherson, creator of the PF TEK, has passed away. Here is a recreation of his fanaticus website about mushroom cultivation, which existed from 1995 to 2003.

The mind of Robert 'Billy' Mcpherson, once better known as Psylocybe Fanaticus, has succumbed to hepatitus C. He will not be with us in 2012. He is in coma since 11-11-11 and in his final hours before leaving his body. His techniques will survive forever.

I guess that still most psychonauts who cultivate Psilocybe cubensis for entheogenic and other purposes use his creation, the PF TEK, to do so


Over half a century has passed since Albert Hofmann identified psilocybin as the psychedelic (="mind manifesting") material in several species of Mexican mushrooms. One of those is Psilocybe cubensis.
  Since then many hundreds similar psychedelics have been made. But psilocybine still stands out as nature's friendliest and best liked psychedelic. Today, over one hundred psilocybine producing mushrooms are known. From all of those, Psilocybe cubensis still is the largest, fastest, easiest cultivatable and third most potent one. Especially the PF Classic cubensis, known by some as penis mushroom.
        Beginning in the nineteen sixties, myriad of methods have been published to grow Psilocybe cubensis. But only one technique can do without petri dishes, -pressure canner or other laboratory equipment. That is the Psylocybe Fanaticus Technique or PF TEK, created by Robert McPherson in 1991, which currently is the worlds most popular method to grow 'magic' mushrooms (downloaded, printed, distributed and practiced many millions of times).

The PF TEK is to the entheogenic experience what the hot water extraction is to the caffeine experience. People will be using it many centuries from now.

Levitate well Billy... you are now known by a small circle of friends but your practices are and will be followed by many for as long as mushrooms and mankind will coexist. The spores of your knowledge will be spread to the stars and beyond.

It was and is a pleasure to have grown with you!


The PF TEK magic mushroom revolution began in September 1991, with its introduction in High Times magazine. It is now the most popular magic mushroom growing technique of the world, and this is the undiluted original.

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